Generals - Memorial Day Tournament

  Young Gunners 2012 - Generals Mass Young Gunners - Generals Rogers Field, Devens, MA Saturday, May 28, 2022 Roster (Tyler Rice, Markens Benoit, Ben Mason, Cam Darlington, Braydon Tata, Connor LaChance, Danny McDonald, Ryan Chandonnet, Joey Berry, William LaChance, Reed Bahde, Cal Darlington, and Jack McDonald)   Part of a Game Opener The Gunners came out firing right away against the Aztecs, with Tyler Rice posting up against a larger defender and receiving a nicely placed pass from Joey Berry before turning on the defender and placing it with power and taking an early 1-0 lead. Six and a half minutes into the first game, THUNDER AND LIGHTNING disrupted our rhythm. There was a great deal of chaos and uncertainty for the next two hours, but eventually the games started back up with the ability to play two 15 minute halves.    First Game - Abby Villa The boys came out strong in the first game with great passing, movement off the ball and intense pressure that created many counter attac

Generals - Mass Young Gunners vs. REAL Boston 2012

  Young Gunners 2012 - Generals Mass Young Gunners - Generals vs. REAL Boston 2012 Thomas Prince Field, Princeton, Ma Sunday, May 15, 2022   Opening   The Gunners started the game tentatively, seemingly afraid to make mistakes. This caused absolute paralysis in the entire group. Before 10 minutes had elapsed into the match, they found themselves down 3-0. Not that the score meant much, but it was a reflection of their inability to get out there and simply enjoy the opportunity to play!  Half-Time Adjustments Clearly, the mental roadblock needed to be addressed, and the group was reminded their purpose was to enjoy the process of improving, through competition. The analogy "it is not a funeral" was literally used to make the point enjoyment needed to be the mindset.  2nd Half- Final Result Once the group realized making mistakes was a small part of the process, their performance was gutsy. Suddenly, players started shutting down attacking players who were previously dicing the

Mass Young Gunners - Generals vs. NEFC Metrowest Marlborough 2012

  Young Gunners 2012 - Generals Mass Young Gunners - Generals vs. NEFC Metro West Marlborough 2012 NEFC Soccer Training Center, Northborough, Ma Sunday, May 8, 2022   First Game in a Dome Stadium! The Generals played their spring outdoor game at the new NEFC complex which was moved to one of the indoor turf fields this weekend. Being able to dribble, pass, move into space, and play aggressive defense is very important at a high level, but the Generals were starting to notice that team chemistry and morale is also vital when playing a team game. After a two game losing streak, the boys wanted to start out strong and focus on a positive team effort against what looked like a large and skilled opponent.  The Generals started out the game great. The possession game looked strong, pressure on the ball and close marking made it difficult for NEFC at the start of the game. After winning a corner kick early in the game, Connor LaChance placed a strong ball on the near post where Alyvn Trotta w

Mass Young Gunners - Generals vs. Juventus Boston 2012

  Young Gunners 2012 - Generals Mass Young Gunners - Generals vs. Juventus Boston 2012 Forekicks, Marlboro, Ma Sunday, May 1, 2022   First Loss Recover Mode The Generals lost their first game of the season last week after winning the first two of the season. This game was a test on how a team can come together as a unit after a loss and rally back to form. In sports, there are teams that can’t move past the previous loss that impacts a losing streak, and there are teams that are able to motivate those around them and focus on the next challenge. Which team the Generals will be was yet to be decided.    The Generals started out with some strong possession and movement off the ball and better build out from the back which has been an area of weakness that the team needs to focus on during training. Still one of the smaller teams, the Generals showed some grit and went in with some strong tackles to keep the pressure up. However, their opponents had a strong player themselves playing cent

Mass Young Gunners - Commanders vs. Western United Pioneers 2014

  Young Gunners 2013 - Commanders Mass Young Gunners - Commanders vs. Western United Pioneers FC 2014 Thomas Prince Field, Princeton, Ma Sunday, May 8, 2022 Great Progress from Many Fronts! The Commanders came out with a strong performance the week before and looked to continue and focus on making progress as a group. The first ten minutes was exciting with some back and forth play from both teams. Western United demonstrated some strong passing skills by moving the ball around which has left the Commander’s vulnerable throughout the season, but with focused team defense and marking closely was an area of improvement this week. Each keeper in the first half had some nice saves that could have swung the momentum further to one side. Unfortunately, the first goal coming from a wide open midfielder left open on the opposite side gave Western United the first goal. Jack McDonald and Alex Harned played good possession soccer, by passing back to open players and moving the ball around. Ree

Mass Young Gunners - Commanders vs. New England Surf South 2013

  Young Gunners 2013 - Commanders Mass Young Gunners - Commanders vs. New England Surf South 2013 Thomas Prince Field, Princeton, Ma Sunday, May 1, 2022 Great Team Game! The Commander’s looked strong right from the start in today’s game. Each player transitioned as a team by moving into open space by staying wide at midfield. By moving into space and staying wide they were able to keep possession and move the ball easily around. Each time that possession was lost, the entire team recovered defensively, stopping any chance that New England Surf had to counter attacking. The Commander’s were in control by playing great team soccer and the half ended with a 1-0 lead.  Half-Time Adjustments  With one of the strongest halves of the season, the focus was on continuing the pressure, and making great decisions by recognizing when to attack with the dribble or pass to an open teammate. Jack McSweeney and Alex Harned were great from the defense by controlling the ball and dribbling out from the

Mass Young Gunners - Commanders vs. Boston Vigor U9

  Young Gunners 2013 - Commanders Mass Young Gunners - Commanders vs. Boston Figor U9 Capuano Field, Somerville, Ma Sunday, April 24, 2022 Game Two for the Day With the end of vacation week and a few players unavailable, the Commanders looked for a few players to fill in for the game. The plan was to go into the game with a higher intensity on the defensive end and to focus on progress as we adjust to change in positions and chemistry. Another slow start against a skilled Boston Figor team had the team down a few goals early. Midway through the first half, the Commander’s team defense showed progress by filling in the gaps and maintaining positions. Anthony, Alex S. and Camden showed great effort throughout the game, showing they are ready to jump in and be a part of the team! The half ended with Boston Figor in the lead 6-0, but the Commanders showed a strong turn around to end the half.  Half-Time Adjustments  Keep marking up defensively and play quickly with possession to create mor