Mass Young Gunners - Commanders vs. Boston Vigor U9

 Young Gunners 2013 - Commanders

Mass Young Gunners - Commanders vs. Boston Figor U9

Capuano Field, Somerville, Ma

Sunday, April 24, 2022

Game Two for the Day

With the end of vacation week and a few players unavailable, the Commanders looked for a few players to fill in for the game. The plan was to go into the game with a higher intensity on the defensive end and to focus on progress as we adjust to change in positions and chemistry. Another slow start against a skilled Boston Figor team had the team down a few goals early. Midway through the first half, the Commander’s team defense showed progress by filling in the gaps and maintaining positions. Anthony, Alex S. and Camden showed great effort throughout the game, showing they are ready to jump in and be a part of the team! The half ended with Boston Figor in the lead 6-0, but the Commanders showed a strong turn around to end the half. 

Half-Time Adjustments 

Keep marking up defensively and play quickly with possession to create more chances offensively. The Commanders came out in the second half with a stronger start. They were creating more turnovers by pressing defensively and gritting it out against a more physical and older team. The increased turnovers led to more offensive chances and some excitement by earning several corner kicks in the opponent's end. The Commanders were also able to demonstrate some of the skills they have been working on by attacking with speed and using several feints to catch them flatfooted. Cal Darlington, William LaChance, and Reed Bahde created much of the offensive threats in the final 15 minutes of the game, with Reed Bahde finally able to put the Commanders on the scoreboard. The game ended 7-1, but the Commander’s showed great heart and another game that they fought until the very end. 

Players of the Match

Players go to William LaChance and Reed Bahde. Both players were placed in different positions throughout the game, adjusting each time to the new responsibility. Whether they were playing striker up top, managing the center of the field or playing as a fullback, they were able to make great offensive runs and aggressively pressure the ball with physical tackles. William and Reed created a few strong chances in front of the goal and created chaos for the other team defensively.


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