Mass Young Gunners - Generals vs. NEFC Metrowest Marlborough 2012

 Young Gunners 2012 - Generals

Mass Young Gunners - Generals vs. NEFC Metro West Marlborough 2012

NEFC Soccer Training Center, Northborough, Ma

Sunday, May 8, 2022


First Game in a Dome Stadium!

The Generals played their spring outdoor game at the new NEFC complex which was moved to one of the indoor turf fields this weekend. Being able to dribble, pass, move into space, and play aggressive defense is very important at a high level, but the Generals were starting to notice that team chemistry and morale is also vital when playing a team game. After a two game losing streak, the boys wanted to start out strong and focus on a positive team effort against what looked like a large and skilled opponent. 

The Generals started out the game great. The possession game looked strong, pressure on the ball and close marking made it difficult for NEFC at the start of the game. After winning a corner kick early in the game, Connor LaChance placed a strong ball on the near post where Alyvn Trotta was making a great run to beat his defender. When it’s a battle of who wants the ball more, Alyvn typically is the winner and he reaches the ball first, using the inside foot to score on a volley. The Generals took a quick 1-0 lead. NEFC didn’t take long to retaliate with constant motion from the wingers and the center midfielder, which led to miscommunications and lost assignments. Controlling the last 15-20 minutes of the half, NEFC was able to take a 5-1 lead going into the half. 


Half-Time Adjustments

Most of the goals scored by the General’s opponent came from loosely marking up the players without the ball. Every pass was easily controlled and with their movement, they were able to move the ball easily. The main focus was to keep playing the same offensive game, but mark up tightly so that we win the ball back more often which will lead to more created chances. NEFC ended the game with a 6-1 win, but I personally thought it was one of the strongest halves played as a team. Cameron Darlington and Cam McGreary both had strong performances with double digit saves each that could have easily increased the goal advantage. 


Players of the Match

Players of the match go to Ben Mason and Callen Ploss. Callen had one of his strongest games of the year. His marking defensively was greatly appreciated when playing on the outside midfield positions, and each time the opponents were the target for a pass, Callen either intercepted the pass, won it with a strong tackle or created great pressure that forced a mistake or turnover. Once in possession of the ball, he was able to make simple passes to his teammates which helped create a counter attack in the opponent's end. 

Ben Mason was the best player on the field from either team throughout the game from the coaches perspective. He was used in a variety of roles this week than his typical fullback position and really took advantage of the offensive freedom. Once in possession of the ball, Ben attacked with purpose, cutting left and right around the defenders and knowing when to pass off to his teammates. Playing at center midfield created problems for the opposing team as he ran all over, clogging up the middle and making it difficult to build up any type of attack. 



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