Mass Young Gunners - Commanders vs. New England Surf South 2013

 Young Gunners 2013 - Commanders

Mass Young Gunners - Commanders vs. New England Surf South 2013

Thomas Prince Field, Princeton, Ma

Sunday, May 1, 2022

Great Team Game!

The Commander’s looked strong right from the start in today’s game. Each player transitioned as a team by moving into open space by staying wide at midfield. By moving into space and staying wide they were able to keep possession and move the ball easily around. Each time that possession was lost, the entire team recovered defensively, stopping any chance that New England Surf had to counter attacking. The Commander’s were in control by playing great team soccer and the half ended with a 1-0 lead. 

Half-Time Adjustments 

With one of the strongest halves of the season, the focus was on continuing the pressure, and making great decisions by recognizing when to attack with the dribble or pass to an open teammate. Jack McSweeney and Alex Harned were great from the defense by controlling the ball and dribbling out from the back and pushing the ball into the attacking area. This week, Ryan Chandonet stepped in by filling in and was strong in all aspects of the game. He played a bit in net, defensively, but really showed a next level play at center midfield with his decision making and leadership. New England Surf squeaked in a few goals to end the game and won 3-1, but from the coach’s perspective, that was a huge win for the Commanders with the amount of progress and overall control of the game with great skills. 

Players of the Match

Players of the Match go to Connor O’Toole, Evan O’Toole, Alex Harned, and Jack McSweeney. Connor’s transition defensively showed strong progress and his willingness to focus on transitioning and marking up defensively was clearly visible throughout the game and was able to get himself in from of goal for a few chances. Evan started off strong offensively, finding himself in front of the next for a few exciting and strong chances to score, but couldn’t find that final touch as he stretched out with great effort. After the coach went down the list to play keeper, getting a “no” from several players, Evan stepped up to jump in net showing that he is a great teammate and willing to do his part for this team. 

Alex and Jack were consistent right from the start of the game. They marked up defensively, dribbling out of trouble, and made simple passes to their teammates. They made their mark while playing left and right back, but also made their presence at striker and midfield with the moments that they were given. 


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