Mass Young Gunners - Generals vs. Juventus Boston 2012

 Young Gunners 2012 - Generals

Mass Young Gunners - Generals vs. Juventus Boston 2012

Forekicks, Marlboro, Ma

Sunday, May 1, 2022


First Loss Recover Mode

The Generals lost their first game of the season last week after winning the first two of the season. This game was a test on how a team can come together as a unit after a loss and rally back to form. In sports, there are teams that can’t move past the previous loss that impacts a losing streak, and there are teams that are able to motivate those around them and focus on the next challenge. Which team the Generals will be was yet to be decided. 


The Generals started out with some strong possession and movement off the ball and better build out from the back which has been an area of weakness that the team needs to focus on during training. Still one of the smaller teams, the Generals showed some grit and went in with some strong tackles to keep the pressure up. However, their opponents had a strong player themselves playing center midfield who was taller, stronger, faster and skilled that was able to take over the game for his team. He was able to grab a hat trick before half and the Generals didn’t seem to have an answer for him. One of the great highlights from the game came from a split through ball from Ben Mason while playing left fullback. He was able to split the defenders with Connor LaChance running through, gaining great control and composure of his dribble on the breakaway and placed a strong and low shot past the keeper. As beautiful as the goal was, credit must be given to the assist on that play! The Generals ended the half down 4-1, but not yet out of the game. 

Half-Time Adjustments

The half-time discussion was about stepping up the physical play against the larger opponents. It was clearly noticeable that going in for tackles by stabbing with a leg or with minimum force was creating more opportunities for Juventus. Passing was better from the Generals by playing out wider and using the fullbacks to maintain possession, but there were still holes in the team defense that left us vulnerable. Cam McGreary had a strong game in net and had several saves that came with pace from a nice strike. Joey Berry did not stop most of the game, playing in a variety of positions, and was able to get in front of the net and finish strongly for another goal. Final score was 6-2 in favor of Juventus. 

Players of the Match

Players of the match go to Connor LaChance and Joey Berry. Connor played in several positions throughout the game, constantly pressuring and finding open space to receive the ball which helped with possession for the Generals. He shined at defense when winning tackles in the second half and distributed nicely to his teammates which created more chances in the second half than we were able to get from the start. 


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